Lauren Lochrie is a zoologist, beekeeper and all-round plants woman with many years' experience in creating and enhancing spaces for people and wildlife.

By running a range of facilitated walks (such as foraging and mindfulness) & 'Homemade' workshops (such as making creams and bath salts with natural ingredients), Lauren aims to help people reconnect with nature and the nature of themselves. These workshops enable people to become more self sufficient, helping to build resilience as a result of adopting creative and sustainable life choices.

In 2019, Lauren was a participant of the Wild Wonders business development scheme ran by Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER - a year long, wild food training programme delivered by Galloway Wild Foods and other top facilitators. Lauren is also a member of The Association of Foragers.

Currently supporting community growing, beekeeping and permaculture projects, Lauren also enjoys working as part of the Scottish Wild Food Festival team.

With several years experience in leading young people on cultural expeditions abroad (with British Exploring Society), running training days for different environmental organisations (such as Zero Waste Scotland and The Conservation Volunteers) and with over ten years experience in facilitating a range of outdoor activities for different groups (throughout other, previous employment) - Lauren continues to reach a wide audience - helping people to embrace the wonderment of life, re-kindling again, the joy we once had as children.

As we can be so detached from our own, outdoor 'living' spaces with no idea of what type of trees or plants we share these spaces with, Lauren is also available for collaborative garden, food growing and 'Homestead-help' enhancements.

This involves supporting and working alongside individuals, businesses, organisations and families to develop and improve their own outdoor living environment. Done in such a way that will connect and empower them to continue to use their space as new skills, knowledge and confidence increase.

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