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Winter Gardening

If we can reflect in ourselves, nature’s own rhythms by taking the time to slow down, withdraw and imagine new abundance, January can provide much opportunity and inspiration.

Like the very beautiful frost form-ations on branches, we too can pull out from within, ideas for new life-forms, crystalising our creativity into something tangible for the new year.

As we reflect on our previous efforts, we can remind ourselves what has worked and what areas need improvement. We, in a way too - grow ourselves to work better with our unique space as we listen and observe better, working with the land’s unique attributes in a relationship that helps nurture abundance and regeneration.

Take notice where the frosty air sits still, where it condenses at low points into frost pockets and tells us ‘don’t plant tender veggies or soft fruits here’.

Observe and make note of exactly where the water pools, flows and drains; let it inspire you to capture it off the shed roof, divert into a ditch to keep paths drier, create a bog garden or pond, or simply to plant species there that will thrive in such conditions.

Now that life has withdrawn temporarily into its roots, see your garden as a new canvas, walk its length and investigate spaces now exposed, look back from another viewpoint – let it inspire new life in you too!


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